Event: Pluralism & Conflict Studies

Saint Paul University Student Association (SPUSA) and Academic Club for Peace-Conflict Studies (ACPCS) are pleased to host Ms. Meredith Preston McGhie at the monthly seminar on Theoretical & Practical Aspects of Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention:

Pluralism & Conflict Studies
Meredith Preston McGhie
Secretary-General at Global Centre for Pluralism, Ottawa
May 12, 2021 – at 4 p.m

The academic field of conflict studies is relatively young, although the practice of conflict resolution is as old as mankind. Integrating knowledge from multiple disciplines, conflict studies have formed by the broad foundation of interdisciplinary theory, research, and practice and from time to time, we need to update theoretical and practical concepts in this field. Pluralism as a theoretical concept – an ethic of respect for human diversity – which is a normative response, to the presence of human differences, can reinforce the field of conflict studies in theory and on the other hand, can improve conflict resolution in practice. Pluralism can act as a lens for decision-making around a process as a first step to be conceptualized as the methods and processes involved in facilitating the peaceful ending of conflict and retribution. During this seminar, Ms. McGhie will share her thoughts and inspire pathways to advance pluralism in peace and conflict studies with us.
The ACPCS aims to launch these monthly seminars that bring together high-level Canadian peacemakers, policymakers, diplomats, philosophers of peace, conflict studies experts, and journalists to engage in constructive discussions around current and emerging peace and conflict issues in the globe.

The seminars will be in a fully virtual environment to accommodate COVID guidelines:
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