An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind

“It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do.”

― Elbert Hubbard

The Academic Foundation for Peace-Conflict Studies conducts targeted programs to carry out its mission of preventing, mitigating and resolving violent conflict. They may focus on a particular area of research or policy analysis, a type of training or public education, or a specific approach to peacebuilding.


Program: Conflict-Peace Studies, Global Analysis and Humanitarian

The program is an international network of researchers and policy makers conducting quantitative analysis of international policy issues in peace and conflict trends. The motivation and ultimate success of the program stems from the fact that collaboration is essential for detailed analysis of the global peacebuilding and peacemaking.

Program Manager: Hamed Kazemzadeh, Project Officers: Jonathan Groff, Emboba Antigo, Gia Tevzadze, Taylor Jones


  1. Global Conflict-Peace Trends and Climate Change (Sep. 2018-Sep. 2020)

Working Papers: 10, Policy Papers: 5,

2. Conflicts in Canada (Jul. 2019-Feb. 2020)

Working Papers: 8, Policy Papers: 5,

3. Global Network of Peace-Conflict Studies (Jun. 2016-Aug.2018)

Working Papers: 6, Policy Papers: 2,


Program: Gender in Peace and conflict

The working group is an engaged coalition to support the role of Women, Peace and Security Act and its effective implementation through the U.N Strategy on Women, Peace and Security. Main Goals: Seek and support the preparation and participation of women in decision making processes and Promote the protection of women and girls’ human rights.

Program Manager: Amuja Jura, Project Officers: Taylor Jones, Alexi Markov, Grigor Petrosyan, Ziyad Alemzade, Abby Anderson 


  1. Women’s Role in Peace and Security (Sep. 2018-Sep. 2021)

Working Papers: 3, Policy Papers: 4,

2. Peacebuilding and Gender Equality (Sep. 2016-Jun. 2018)

Working Papers: 7, Policy Papers: 8,

3. Justice based on Gender Identity (Jan. 2018-Oct. 2020)

Working Papers: 4, Policy Papers: 5,


Program: Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zone

Armed conflict and war, earthquakes and other natural disasters, pollution, poaching, uncontrolled urbanization and unchecked tourist development pose major problems to World Heritage sites. This program, is a global network on identifying the most in danger heritage sites in conflict zones.

Program Manager: Anahita Shahrokhi, Project Officers: Abioye Diyaya Altobua, Toni Onyilogwu, Fatema Ahmed 


  1. UNESCO Heritage sites in Danger (Dec. 2016-Oct. 2019)

Working Papers: 2, Policy Papers: 1,

2. Civil Wars and Religious Conflicts Impacts on Cultural Heritages (Nov. 2017-Oct. 2020)

Working Papers: 4, Policy Papers: 3,

3. Peacebuilding for Religion & Heritage in the Middle East (Sep. 2017-Mar. 2020)

Working Papers: 5, Policy Papers: 6,

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