Pioneering peace pathways

Encouraging conflict parties to engage in dialogue is core to peace promotion. This policy brief, which accompanies Accord 29 ‘Pioneering peace pathways’ suggests three ways to initiate inclusive and sustainable peace processes.

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Initiating peace processes is hard to do – and not easy to document or analyse. Formative dialogue initiatives are largely informal, opaque and secret. The reality of peace processes is messy and ‘phases’ criss-cross one another. Armed actors talk and fight at the same time. Negotiations stop, start and mutate over many years. ‘Early’ peacemaking is invariably ‘too late’, as violence and repression are embedded in societies and political systems. These challenges all collide in an era of tense and toxic geopolitics, proxy violence, ‘nested conflicts’ and information warfare.

Pioneering Peace Pathways and Japan’s Role in Peace Mediation Support

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