No War With Iran Action


On January 2nd 2020, the US sent a drone to bomb an Iranian General, Qassem Soleimani. This open declaration of war from the United States is bringing the low-scale conflict between the US and Iran into a dangerous escalation point that could potentially bring more instability in the region and possibly another full-scale war in the Middle East. At this time, Donald Trump has deployed more than 3,000 troops in Iran to protect the US from possible retaliation.

We recognize the militaristic interests of the United States and we must take a stand, because this is not a war for peace, but a war of greed, pursued only for US imperialist interest; the United States have laid waste to many other countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Yemen, and Syria through proxy wars and unjust sanctions. Enough is enough!

Join us at 2pm on the stairs beside the US Embassy to show that we do NOT support another war and conflict in the Middle East, and to also push pressure towards our Canadian elected officials to get Ottawa to deescalate this conflict before it is too late!


**Please message us if you would like to participate and speak at the event!

Other solidarity actions across Canada:




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